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  • 【初一英语作文】《My favorite movies》_400字

    Hello,boys and girls!My name is Jenny.I‘m 14-year-old.My birthday is on October 31st.I‘m a movie fan.I like action movie and science movie. My favorite actor is Jackie Chan.He is a great action acto阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《busy day》_450字

    Hello,everyone.My name is sarah.let me tell you about my busy day.In the morning,I get up at 6.Then I eat breakfast at 7.After breakfast,I have to run quickly to school,because I must be on time for阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Hug in spring》_1200字

    Spring is coming quietly by waking up everything slightly. All the creatures come back to life and start to grow. How wonderful the spring is! The rivers are running happily. The swallows are flying阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Happy Weekend》_400字

    It was Sunday, sunny and sunny, and it was a good day for a trip. I decided to go for a walk with my family. When I walked into the park, I saw a lot of beautiful flowers, small grass trees, happil阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《In a word》_1200字

    The teachers were gradually dispersed, leaving me alone in a chair, waiting. Out of the window leaves in the wind gently touched by a slight friction sound, as if the people into the natural primiti阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Special belt》_1200字

    Today is mother's day, the little snake gold thinking about how to make money to buy gifts for my mother. She want to along while, finally thought of a good solution. Gold hurriedly walked to belt阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《I want to》_400字

    I want to become a rabbit jump in many places. To jump over the sea, mountains, jump, jump, jump to the big carrot. I want to become dolphins swam across many places. To swim across the Pacific Oce阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The scenery here alone good》_1500字

    Class is over, and two or three classmates together, walk in the sunset shining with the runway, revisit what class interesting scenes, chat again, arm in arm, walking on the runway for three or fou阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《A Boy And A Butterfly》_2000字

    At six days or foggy, see a little sunshine, in addition to the street lamp that a little bit from time to time in and very dim light, nothing can be used to illuminate the surrounding. At this time阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The Rescue Story》_400字

    Kate has a dog. The dog is brave and smart. Last week, Kate with his dog----Pipy went to the river. Kate want to catch the fish, but he incaution fell down into the river. It was dangerous! Kate co阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《神偷的想象》_650字

    If I am a thief, see the topic, you may wonder, who want to be a thief? Who is not willing to do a aboveboard person, do a decent person, you may also want to: "is this person has a problem! Or she阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《中国70周年礼物》_750字

    Pro, for anyone, are so sacred, so intimate. I know the greatness of the motherland is our mother, because each person's life, joy and happiness is closely related to the safety of his motherland,阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《我感动了》_750字

    Why do I from small eyes with tears often? Because I was deeply moved by little things in life. . In today's economy is becoming more and more developed science and technology, I found the dribs a阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My dream》_300字

    Everyone has there own dream, of course, I have a dream too.My dream is to be a dancer,I like dancr very much.Because it makes me feel relaxed to make me feel happy.I have learned four years.Learnin阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Sister》_700字

    My sister is 8 years old, very likable, she is as tall as me. A good body, with a ponytail, a round face in vain. Her eyebrows are very thick, curved like two pieces of willow leaves, a pair of big阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Sister》_800字

    My sister called Wang Ting, 16 years old this year, is now a high school students, weighing about 45 kg, height of 155 cm, she has a pair of big eyes, she has many advantages and disadvantages. She阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Brother》_900字

    I have a lovely brother. His name is Fang Minchen. He has two big eyes and short hair. There is also a round face, his legs are short, but looks very spirit. Chen Chen's mouth is small and red, it阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Brother》_750字

    I have a lovely brother. He has a round face and big eyes. He likes to dance. Once I was eating, when he saw me, he ran to me and said, "if you eat, you will die." He meant to eat a little. Every t阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Sister》_750字

    My sister's name is Mary, and my sister is 3 years old. She, a small, square face, a pair of black and bright little eyes, smiled a little smaller, light eyebrows like weeds on the barren hills, a阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Sister》_859字

    I have a lovely sister, her name is Huang Xie tian. She was fat, with a perfunctory nose and a round face, a pair of small eyes laugh like "a day". Her skin was dark, and the two black ones. She als阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My weekend Plans》_400字

    I’m going to have a busy weekend!I'm going to write my homework on Saturday morning.Then I am going to go to the park this afternoon,And I'm going to watch TV in the evening.I'm going to go over阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Favorite Sister》_1200字

    我有一个活泼可爱的妹妹,她有卷卷的头发,下面有一对柳叶眉,还有一双机灵的小眼睛,小巧的鼻孔,大大的嘴巴上有红红的嘴唇。 I have a lovely sister, she has curly hair, following a liuxiemei jiongjiongweishen, and a pair of cute little eyes, a small nose, a big阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Walk in the wind fall(走在风起风落间)》_3000字

    走在简陋的小巷中,一丝丝凉飕飕的风刮过我的脸颊。 Walk in the humble alley, a little chilly wind blowing over my face. 风骤起,我在一个转角口停下脚步,无神的双眼突然瞥见一沓已经装订好了的白纸,上前拿起它,仔细看了看封面,说道:“训练钢琴谱?还写着大大的‘重要’两个字。”我呼出一口热气,看了看寂静无人的小巷。算了,还是等等阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My dream(我的梦想)》_3000字

    每个人都有自己的梦想,教师,医生……许许多多的职业供我们选择,但适合自己的只有一个。 Everyone has their own dreams, teachers, doctors...... There are a lot of jobs to choose from, but only one for us. 如果有人问我:你的梦想是什么?我会自豪地说:“成为一名军人!”也有人会笑我阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Exam storm》_2000字

    我拖着沉重的步伐走回了家,一路上太阳慢慢地变得又红又大,我隐约感觉到恶运的到来。我开始回忆刚才发生的事情。 I trudged back to the home, the way the sun slowly become big and red, I feel the arrival of bad luck. I'm starting to remember what happened.阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Exam storm》_2000字

    今天,我们第二次数学测验考了。回到家,我把这“惊天动地”的是告诉了“一家之主”妈妈。她像“老虎碰见了老鼠——爱理不理的”问了一句:“考得怎么样?”我顺其自然地说:“I don’t know!”可她像法官判刑一样的说:“我一定会把这件“案子”水落石出的……”我气喘忽忽的回到了“自由地”——我的卧室,并把门给反锁上。到了深夜,夜深人静的时候,我坐在窗台边,望着月亮。想到:“月亮咋少了一小块,难道我阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Autumn fields》_1200字

    知了得歌声已从树林里消失;苍翠得松树披上了壹件金色得外衣;火辣辣得太阳变得温和起来……面对眼前得壹切,我恍然大悟:秋意早已潜入人间。 The sound of the song had vanished from the woods, and the green pine tree was covered with a golden coat; the sun grew warm......阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Beauty Field》_1000字

    周末我来到了田野,观赏美景。我先观赏了麦子,那麦子多美啊!穗儿很饱满,一粒粒都是用辛苦换来的。那穗儿是金黄的。 At the weekend I went to the fields to see the beauty. I looked at the wheat, how beautiful the wheat! SuiEr is full, one is hard work. That阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Autumn Orchard》_1500字

    我喜欢春天,春暖花开,万物复苏;我喜欢夏天,骄阳似火,烈日炎炎;我喜欢冬天,白雪皑皑,银装素裹;但我最喜欢秋天,秋高气爽,硕果累累。好了,那就让我带领大家,看一看秋天果园是什么样的景色。 I love spring, spring, the recovery of all things; I love summer, scorching sun, scorching sun; I love阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Taishan》_2000字

    泰山是我国的“五岳之首”,风光大气豪迈,景色迷人。登过泰山的人都会说好,可是也都说很累,因为不坐索道登顶要五六个小时!妈妈想让我通过爬泰山懂得坚持,今年暑假,我们一家去攀登了泰山。 Taishan is China's "five mountains of the first", the scenery of the heroic atmosphere, charming scenery.阅读全文